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Decent Living Institute of Organic Farming Welcomes You

Decent Living Institute of Organic Farming at a Glance

Decent Living Institute of Organic Farming has built a series of space-efficient model organic farms in Makueni County, Kenya, that grow Hass avocados and bamboo alongside the practice of apiculture and aquaculture. DLIOF's emphasis on space efficiency stems from our poverty alleviation mission and an interest in working with small-plot farmers. DLIOF also works on offshoot projects for the betterment of communities in Makueni County, such as sustainable education for local girls and boys, and local ethical entrepreneurship training programs. Our goal is to contribute to the growth of 1 million Hass avocados from our model and partner farms.

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Our Core Objectives

Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Improve Soil and Water Conservation Programs

Climate change has increased the need for efforts to counter land degradation and to improve water security. DLIOF's farms promote sustainable practices to take care of arable land through space efficiency, water source proliferation, and anti-erosion farming techniques.

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Increase Capacity to Create Wealth

Our educational programs promote entrepreneurship within Makueni County and help our local partners identify opportunities for business, including produce exportation of Hass avocados, apiculture, aquaculture, and bamboo sales. DLIOF training encourages families to build savings using business practices that foster a spirit of community around the region.

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Increase Access to Secure Communities

Our community initiatives aim to create a safe environment for all those living in Makueni County. DLIOF endorses a holistic definition of security: food security, good nutrition, work and educational opportunities for women and youth, environmental caretaking, protection from disease, and peaceful co-existence of community members. This mission is carried out through our education programs, as well as through our food security efforts that respond to natural food emergency situations.

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Promote Social and Cultural Tourism

DLIOF would like to introduce friends from all over the world to Makueni County through exchange and visit programs. We believe that as we share cultures with each other, we will be transformed into more cooperative, thoughtful people. Through a partnership with the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's university, we have already begun shared learning with college students from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

"DLIOF will build inter-generational strategic global/local partnerships in protecting and advocating for a clean and safe ecosystem for the co-existence of creation. Modelling organic care of creation though neighbor to neighbor peer influence will ascertain no one is left behind."

Peter Kimeu Ngui

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Contact Decent Living Institute of Organic Farming

P.O. Box 405 – 90130, Nunguni, Makueni County, Kenya

(+254) 722 764 709

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