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Windows CE has recently introduced a new exciting feature - Lock Screen. As it's name suggests, it locks the windows system. This is helpful in providing security to the system and the data present on it. Windows CE has the ability to lock your computer screen just by pressing a single key on the keyboard, a simple task not possible on Windows 2000 or Windows XP. PowerCab is an intuitive, easy-to-use program that lets you manage system sleep/power modes, CPU, GPU, and RAM technologies, power-saving temperature monitoring and alerts, and a lot more for your computer. LafGate is a replacement for your small lock. It lets you secure your computer, lock down your files, and prevent others from accessing your personal files. LafGate features include: automatic password expiration, file and folder encryption, providing your PC is password protected, lock your computer when you are not connected to the Internet, password protected home page, and password protected shortcuts and tools. LafGate is most effective when computers are password protected and when you don't want others to access your data. LafGate can also protect and encrypt your USB flash drives to help protect your important data in case of theft. Remote Password is a software for controlling and managing Windows-based computers and networks. It allows you to manage computers remotely and control users accounts, roles, security, logon scripts, Windows services, and scheduled tasks. This software has a simple, intuitive and highly functional interface that enables you to easily add and manage users, computers, operating systems and services, and also manages Windows accounts, remote users and shares. This software also works as a print server and it has the ability to offer print services to networked Windows computers. It includes a web-based control panel to allow you to easily setup, administer, monitor and manage users accounts and services. Remote Password allows you to monitor and restrict users from logging on, lock down and control users, computers, services and operating systems. It also allows you to limit user access to Windows shares, and other resources. Monitor, control, and manage computers remotely! This powerful remote control software works with any remote access tool, such as, VNC, Telnet, SSH, RDP, SSHFS, RDC, and OpenSSH, or indirectly with any Windows tool that remotely connects to another system, such as Firewall, and remote helpdesk system, and remote access tools for Mac OS X. Remote Password is a powerful freeware product for remote a5204a7ec7

Ez Off is a useful software that will help you easily control your children or employee computer time. It will auto shutdown, reboot, lock or hibernate computer and will keep your PC locked for as long as you schedule it. Allows to create separate schedule for each day of the week for any PC user. Ez OFF has time accumulation feature, system time protection and unauthorized unload blocking. Also available network version Ez PC Remote. PowerMouse Pro is designed to give your PowerBook, Mac or PC more precise mouse control. By installing a simple USB interface module, you can transform your PowerBook or Mac into a device that can control a computer over USB. It is especially useful for those who use a laptop as a desktop, and for the technically inclined. DigiBlend is a full-featured, yet easy-to-use professional audio mixer for Windows and Mac OS. Input/Output devices can be set in configuration mode, allowing configurations to be applied in real time to each device. Users can quickly create and switch among different configurations during live mixing sessions. Configurations can also be saved and loaded with one click. Bluetooth Flash Drive for PC - Free Download Kopi 0.1 0.1 FREE Kopi allows to easily synchronize data on PC or Mac with mobile phone. Kopi lets you to download e-mail, calendars, contacts, and other data to your phone and synchronize them with the Kopi Server. Kopi is a freeware designed for business and people. Kopi Settings Kopi Benefits Syncronize data Download Syncronize files I am a developer. I love to share my knowledge. Your Feedback is Accepted. Kindly give to me your valuable suggestions to improve my softwares. I will see your requests in software and try my best. Thank you in advance. Made with FREEWARE Language English Size (15.0 MB) Developer Recover Internet Connection You can easily save your internet connection when you are at the public area, Where you can`t connect to the Internet with any Computer. All you need to do is; -(1) Go to your C:\Users\Public\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connection\RealityCheck.xml -(2) Open the file with

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