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A Visit to Tabitha's Model Farm in Nyaani, Kaiti Subcounty

Tabitha is the Treasurer for the Decent Living Community Based Organization, our original think tank. Tabitha is one of the key leaders who approached Peter and DLIOF to support her community of 85 people, and after nearly a year of engagement, she continues to dream of a community living decent lives with fulfilled livelihoods. Tabitha has long been a pioneer. She was among the first 13 who went through the Organic Farming Training by Kenya Institute of Organic Farming, among those who decided to support DLIOF's mission, and among those who took the risk to grow Hass/Fuerte varieties of avocado.

Tabitha was one of the team members in the Yetu Initiative bootcamp on local resource mobilization for sustainable philanthropy - leading to our successful effort of building a community apiary equipped with the langstroth hives for quality honey. Besides being in various county and national leadership positions, Tabitha has also led community chicken projects, working with over three hundred birds. It was in fact Tabitha who originally taught Peter about the idea of keeping fish sustainably, and as the leader of our culture and tourism docket, she brings a wealth of culture and heritage to all of our programs.

Tabitha's model farm portrays her commitment to being a community leader. We (DLIOF) do not have to go to Murang'a for scions of avocado varieties, or even go back to Isinya for Giant Bamboo varieties, or go to Kitui for the Beekeeping expertise; instead, we've got what it takes to climb the ladder of sustainable community development with our model design, inspired by leaders like Tabitha. 

A pawpaw tree on Tabitha's model farm.

Hass and Fuerte avocados on Tabitha's farm.

Giant Bamboo at Tabitha's farm. This bamboo inspired Peter to include bamboo in DLIOF's practices. In return, DLIOF has since contributed 7 bamboo seedlings back to Tabitha's farm.

Tabitha's apiaries with traditional wooden hives and Kenyan top bar hives.

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